Gold Price in Uganda

Gold Price Today in Uganda:
Gold is the precious metal that has been given the nickname “King of the Precious Metals.” Gold has been prized in jewelry and other art objects for thousands of years, but has also been used in industrial applications due to its unique physical properties. Pure gold is a soft metal, and it is often mixed with alloys to make it stronger. For example, gold is alloyed with copper to form the alloy bronze. While gold is not as dense as many other metals, it is often used to make coins because it is malleable.

Find out the latest gold price per ounce, gram and kilogram in Uganda in Ugandan Shilling (UGX). We provide you with timely and accurate gold price, gold price history charts for the past 1 days, 3 days and up to 30 days. You can also find out gold price change percentages in Uganda in the last 5 years in Ugandan Shilling (UGX) per ounce.

Gold Price Today in Ugandan Shilling (UGX):


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